February 7, 2017

Euclid-France Days 2014

4-5 December 2014, in Lyon

Affiche Journées Euclid-France 2014The yearly Euclid-France meeting of 2014, which took place in Lyon, provided the occasion to assess the progress of the Euclid mission at the end of this year and to show the dynamism, enthusiasm and excellent spirit of the French teams and laboratories involved in the mission with CNES. Playing such an active part in the quest to identify dark energy, one of the most exciting question in physics at the beginning of this century, is an extraordinary opportunity.
The quality of the presentations and discussions over these two days show that we are all conscious of this fact and we all have the will to work together to succeed. It is an honour and we are proud to be leading all of the French partners towards this common scientific objective.

In the name of the committee, we thank all the participants at the Euclid-France days 2014.

This success is yours.

We would especially like to thank the Local Organizing Committee which did a fantastic job notably in relation with the Rhône-Alpes regional council, the City of Lyon and Lyon-1 Claude Bernard University, as well as with the press to promote the Euclid mission. We would also like to thank CNES as well as the IPNL and the CC-IN2P3 for hosting us and for their support in organizing this meeting. Lastly, we particularly want to thank Hélène Courtois for her enthusiasm and her efforts these last months.

You will find below all the papers and presentations from the conference.

R. Clédassou, O. Le Fevre et Y. Mellier

Thursday 4 Decembre 2014

Plenary Session 1 - Chair: Hélène Courtois

Mot de Bienvenue - François-Noël Gilly, Guy Chanfray, Pierre-Etienne Macchi
Etat d'avancement de la mission - Yannick Mellier
Euclid Survey status report - Jean-Charles Cuillandre
Préparation scientifique cosmologie - Olivier Le Fèvre
Préparation Scientifique Legacy - Simona Mei & Jim Bartlett
OU-MER - Hervé Dole
OU-PHZ - Olivier Ilbert
DES Survey - Emmanuel Bertin & Aurélien Benoit-Lévy

Plenary Session 2 - Chair: Raphael Gavazzi

Avancement du SGS - Marc Sauvage
Grande session SDC-FR & CCIN2P3 - Maurice Poncet
OU-SIM - Anne Ealet
OU-EXT - Éric Aubourg
Contributions ouvertes - Vivien Scottez

Friday 5 December 2013

Plenary Session 3 - Chair: Hector Flores

OU-VIS - Henry McCracken & Catherine Grenet
SWG-SL status report - Raphael Gavazzi
OU-SHE - Martin Kilbinger
OU-LE3 - Jean-Luc Starck
OU-SPE - Olivier Le Fèvre & Christian Surace
SWG-TH status report - Alain Blanchard
Avancement du NISP - Thierry Maciaszek
Update on NISP spectro strategy and perfor-mance - Anne Ealet
SWG-GC status report - Sylvain de la Torre
SWG-PU status report - Jean-Gabriel Cuby

Plenary Session 4 - Chair: Anne Ealet

Avancement du VIS  - Michel Berthé
SWG-CL status report - Sophie Maurogordato
MegaCam Nord status report - Jean-Charles Cuillandre & Rodrigo Ibata
LSST status - Emmanuel Gangler
Contributions ouvertes - J.-P. Beaulieu
Contributions ouvertes - C. Tao