February 7, 2017

Events Archive

2015 Events

08-12/06/2015: Euclid Mission Conference at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Lausanne, Switzerland

2014 events

04-05/12/2014: Euclid France days at IPNL (Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon)

Presentations are available on the "Euclid-France Days" page.

2013 events

05-06/12/2013: Euclid-France Days at the IAP (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris).

Presentations are available on the "Euclid-France Days" page.

07/2013: ESA selects THALES ALENIA Space - Italy as prime contractor for Euclid satellite.

13-15/05/2013: Euclid Mission Conference 2013 at Leiden Observatory, Leiden, Netherlands.

24/01/2013: NASA joins ESA's 'dark Universe' mission, NASA signs a Memorandum of Understanding with ESA outlining its contribution to the mission.

2012 events

12/2012: Astrium SAS (Toulouse) contracted by ESA to design and build the payload module.

03/12/2012: Euclid-France Days on 3 December, at the "Museum d'histoire naturelle" in Toulouse

More information at http://euclidfrance.sciencesconf.org/

Presentations are available on the "Euclid-France Days" page.

20/06/2012: ESA gives go-ahead for EUCLID mission

Read the CNES/CNRS/CEA/UPMC press release (in French).

2011 - 2010 events

04/10/2011: ESA chooses the two missions that will proceed further to implementation: Euclid and Solar Orbiter.

06/2010 - 06/2011: Definition Phase

2009 - 2007 events

11/2008 - 12/2009: Study Assessment Phase

11/2007 - 05/2008: Phase 0