February 7, 2017

Euclid-France Days 2013

5-6 December 2013, at the IAP (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)

New players completed the team for the Euclid project in 2013, with the selection of Thales as satellite prime contractor and Astrium to build the telescope.

It was also an important year for the Consortium, with ESA reviews in the spring and autumn.

And with the go-ahead in July for France’s contribution to Euclid from CNES’s Board of Directors, the way is now clear to pursue the mission up to launch with the full support of agencies and our overseeing ministries. This is a unique privilege with respect to our Consortium partners.

This Euclid France meeting at year’s end was therefore an opportunity to review the project’s progress and underline the broad range of French science actions undertaken in readiness for the mission, both in the SWGs and the OUs.

Unlike in previous years, it was decided to spread the Euclid-France meeting over two days to leave more time for discussion and allow us to examine certain points in more depth.

This year’s Euclid France days were held at the IAS astrophysics institute in Paris, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Thursday 5 December 2013

Plenary Session 1 - Chair: Alain Blanchard

Mot de Bienvenue - Laurent Vigroux
Etat d'avancement de la mission - Yannick Mellier
Euclid Survey - Jérôme Amiaux
Préparation scientifique cosmologie - Olivier Le Fèvre
Clusters of galaxies - Sophie Maurogordato
Strong Lensing - Raphaël Gavazzi

Weak Lensing Session - Chair: Raphaël Gavazzi

Les objectifs Euclid-WL - Karim Benabed
Mesure du WL :
  • OU-SHE - Martin Kilbinger
  • OU-LE3 - Jean-Luc Starck
Données nécessaires au WL :
  • OU-EXT - Olivier Ilbert
  • OU-MER - Hervé Dole
  • OU-PHZ - James Bartlett
A new parameterisation of screened modified gravity - Philippe Brax
Contraintes cosmologiques a partir des pics de shear dans Euclid - Nicolas Martinet
Density PDF and density profile in low density regions: an alternative probe for Euclid era cosmology? - Sandrine Codis, Francis Bernardeau & Christophe Pichon
Predicting Cosmic Variance Limited BAO with DEUS-FUR simulation: implications for the Euclid Survey - Pier Stefano Corasaniti
Euclid and the low-density Universe - Benjamin Wandelt
Euclid-France - Point SGS-FR - M. Poncet

Friday 6 December 2013

Plenary Session 2 - Chair: Laurence Tresse

Préparation scientifique legacy - Simona Mei & James Bartlett
Avancement instrument VIS - Michel Berthé
SWG Galaxies - David Elbaz
Avancement Segment Sol - Marc Sauvage
Avancement NISP - Thierry Maciaszek

Clustering Session - Chair: Benjamin Wandelt

Les objectifs Euclid-clustering : BAO, RSD et analyse OU-LE3 - Sylvain De La Torre
L'évolution des spécifications et du processing du NISP - OU-SIR, OU-SPE - Anne Ealet
Euclid : Recherche de planètes extrasolaires - Jean-Philippe Beaulieu
Anisotropic linear perturbations to the de Sitter Universe - Bertrand Chauvineau
Physique des CCDs : l'effet brighter-fatter - Pierre Astier
Une nouvelle sonde cosmologique : le galaxy clustering ratio - Christian Marinoni
Aspects calcul - CCIN2P3 - Ken Ganga