June 7, 2023

Location of instruments

The “cold” parts of the instruments are in the Payload Module (PLM):

  • For the cold part of the VIS instrument, the Focal Plane Assembly (FPA), Read-out Shutter Unit (RSU) and Calibration Unit (CU)
  • For the cold part of the NISP instrument, the NISP Opto Mechanical Assembly (NIOMA)


Location of “cold” parts of instruments in Euclid’s PLM. Credit: ADS Toulouse


Light path. In yellow, light from the telescope, in red, the infrared part directed towards NISP, and in blue, the visible part reflected by the dichroic and directed towards the VIS FPA. Reconstructed from a mathematical model of the PLM (Credit: ADS Toulouse)

  The “warm” instrument electronics are in the satellite’s Service Module (SVM):

  • For VIS, the Control and Data Processing Unit (CDPU) and the Power & Mechanical Control Unit (PMCU)
  • For NISP, the Instrument Control Unit (ICU) and the Data Processing and Detector Control Units (DPU/DCU)


Location of “warm” electronics in Euclid’s SVM EUCLID