May 23, 2016

Successful mechanical tests of the NISP instrument

The mechanical tests of the NISP instrument structural model (Near Infrared Spectrometer Photometer) took place at the CSL (Centre Spatial de Liège, Belgium) from April 18th to 28th, 2016.

It was a critical step in the development calendar of this innovative instrument.

The structure of the infrared instrument was designed and assembled by LAM (Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille).
It is mostly made of ceramic (in Silicon Carbide) made by Boostec near Tarbes, France.

The NISP STM represents the instrument mechanically and thermally. The vibration tests at qualification levels (sinus and random) were successfully passed.

Congratulation to all the teams that worked hard to get this result.

Integration of the NISP Structural & Thermal Model (STM) at LAM

The NISP STM on the vibration test bench at the CSL

There is a long road ahead before the instrument is delivered…